Sacramento Mosque Shelters Dam Evacuees

SACRAMENTO – An Islamic center in Sacramento, North California, has opened its doors to welcome evacuees and residents who are in need of shelter during the threat of the Oroville Dam erosion.

“The Sacramento Muslim community and SALAM Center welcome our neighbors seeking refuge during this emergency evacuation period,” SALAM Center Chairperson Waseem Bawa said in a statement cited by Sacramento Valley office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SV) on February 14.

“Our doors are open and we are ready to assist those who need immediate shelter.”

The mosque has the capacity to provide 24-hour shelter for up to 100 individuals and will be providing breakfast and dinner for those affected by the evacuation orders.

Several mosques in the region, including Masjid Annur (the largest mosque in the region), and Muslim Community of Folsom, are assisting SALAM Center in providing resources and volunteers to accommodate the evacuees.

More than 180,000 Northern California residents were ordered to evacuate on the afternoon of Feb. 12, after officials said the emergency spillway from the Oroville Dam might fail.

Although officials backed off their most dire predictions later that night, many residents were still stuck in shelters, not sure when they could return home.

SALAM center’s decision was welcomed by CAIR-SV for offering a much-needed help to Oroville Dam evacuees.

SALAM is located at 4545 College Oak Dr., Sacramento, CA, 95841. Evacuees can contact the Office Manager at 916-979-1933.