Sacramento Charity Helps Muslims Prepare for Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, observant Muslims abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset.

Other devotional practices during Ramadan include reading the Qur’an, Islam’s holy book, and performing acts of benevolence to draw closer to God.

Amid preparations for the holy month, an Islamic charity in Sacramento, North California, has extended a helping hand to the needy, giving away boxes of food to sustain them during the fasting month.


The act of generosity comes as Muslims prepare to observe another Ramadan under pandemic which has put many financial strains on families, CBS Sacramento reported.

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“Today, in preparation of the holy month of Ramadan, where all Muslims fast from all around the world,” Imran Abedrabbo said, ”we’re giving out food boxes, hygiene boxes, a box of dates, so it can feed a whole family for an entire month.”

The Sacramento nonprofit Al-Misbaah plans to distribute those packages to more than 2,500 families.

The non-profit has been serving the vulnerable in the community for 10 years.

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The month of Ramadan is definitely a month of sharing and solidarity, and Muslims exert efforts during the holy month to give charity to the needy.

In Oxford, a local mosque has set a new goal to deliver hot meals to the needy during the holy month of fasting.