Muslim Women Bond over Ramadan Recipes

Connecting Community

“I am not a big fan of large sister groups. The interactions can feel forced because we are all trying to see how we can make our mark. It can also feel cliquish. Ramadan Recipe Party (RRP) is the complete opposite! We hype each other up and share tips on how to improve,” Rasheedah Luqman affectionately told AboutIslam.

“Everyone can add something to the group. The biggest and unexpected gift is that I feel like I have organically grown my sister circle. This group has helped give me the extra push that I needed to really put myself out there a little more.

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“Most importantly, I’ve reconnected with people that I haven’t  had real conversations with in years. I have also connected with people that I have only known through passing or by association.

“I came to this group to look at recipes, post a few pics, and leave but it became so much more. RRP was something that my spirit needed and I am looking forward to what happens next,” she added. 

“Alhumdullilah,  the RRP group is an absolutely amazing space as we celebrate Ramadan from home. A place where we can share and lift each other up on a great virtual platform for women by women,” Yaqutullah Ibraheem told

“We love to share and food is love, life, interaction, culture and identity no matter where you are. We tell beautiful stories through food.”

Traditional Food

Yaqutullah Ibraheem said the group offers Muslim women a chance to preserve their mother’s legacy.

“When Azizah Kahera reached out and invited me to join, I was ecstatic, not only to learn more about her mother’s Ramadan recipes but because I thought it was a beautiful way that she chose to keep and honor her mother’s Ramadan legacy. 

“I love sharing with large groups, especially my sisters and in Ramadan too!  So, I immediately thought to myself, I’m inviting everyone I know and I was happy to see many accepted the invitation, including my family and friends.  

“I enjoy sharing and learning from everyone and I’ve identified some recipes that I’ll definitely be trying. I love the way we support each other, share recipe gems, and our overall willingness to share in the spirit of love,” she said.

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