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In video - Yummy Ramadan Flavors in Fourth Week Recipes

Yummy Ramadan Flavors in Fourth Week Recipes - Video

Days have passed so fast! It’s our fourth week of Ramadan. So, we have alist of miscellaneous tastes along with healthy eating tips. The recipes are byprofessionalChef Tasvira Jessa. She takes you on a culinary journey across the globe while exploring beneficial health tips to helpimprove your lifestyle. Stay tuned for a special Eid recipe …

Your Ramadan Menu for the First Week (Recipe Collection) - About Islam

Your Ramadan Menu for the First Week (Recipe Collection)

It’s the beginning of Ramadan! The first week of Ramadan is usually the hardest as our bodies adjust to the drastic change. It’s very importantat this stage tokeep our food healthy. Having proper meals, even at suhoor, with fruits, veggies, slow release carbs, and protein will keep our energy level up as much as possible. …

Ramadan Recipes

Ramadan Menu - Week 4 (Recipe Collection)

We hope you’llenjoy our Ramadan recipes for this week! The recipes are byYvonne Maffei, founder of the Halal Kitchen website. Stay tuned for Eid cookiesrecipe. Rack of Lamb with Dates & Moroccan Spices Ingredients •¼ cup Medjool date puree (alternatively, 1 cup pitted and chopped Medjool dates) •2 tablespoons olive oil •1 ¼ pound …

Healthy Ramadan Menu for the Second Week (Recipe Collection)

Healthy Ramadan Menu for the Second Week (Recipe Collection)

This week, we are going to have a healthy menu focusing on Salads, vegetables and types of food that will keep you hydrated during the long days of fast. The recipes are byNour Zibdeh,a functional dietitian and nutritionist, living in Northern Virginia. We’ll present a collection of Ramadan recipes every weekend throughout the holy month. …


Super Delicious Meals for This Week - Video Recipes

This week you’re going to watch videos; we collected recipes of super delicious dishes from different countries. Enjoy 🙂 In this folder: – Halal guys chicken recipe –Lebanese chicken shawarma wrap – Persian lamp Kebab – Western shrimp pasta Halal Guys Chicken Recipe Lebanese Chicken Shawarma Wrap Persian lamb Kebab Recipe …

Muslim Author Shares Scrumptious Ramadan Recipes - About Islam

Muslim Author Shares Scrumptious Ramadan Recipes

With the month of Ramadan quickly approaching, Muslims around the world prepare for a month of spiritual cleansing and self-reflection. The month offers opportunities to reinvigorate one’s relationship with the creator, bolster faith, and interact with family, friends, and community.


Potato Salad Recipe

Potato Salad is a side dish that consists of boiled potatoes with or without additional ingredients of vegetables like carrots for example. Adding fresh cream and mayonnaise would make it creamy. Creamy Potato Salad comes in many versions but it is generally a side dish, as it usually accompanies the main course. Ingredients 4-5 medium …


Classic Cream-Filled Konafa

A Middle-Eastern favorite and a month of Ramadan tradition. This variation of Konafa is made from crunchy shredded phyllo pastry, sandwiching a creamy, pudding-like filling, and soaked with vanilla scented simple syrup. Ingredients: For the Vanilla Scented Simple Syrup: 2 cups granulated sugar 1 cup water Squeeze of lemon ½ teaspoon vanilla extract For the …

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