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Muslim Doctor Honored for Work on COVID-19 Response

The past months have seen Muslim doctors worldwide on the frontline playing critical roles in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Working on COVID-19 response, a Chicago Muslim doctor is set to be honored with the Top Muslim Achiever 2020 award on Sunday night during the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago’s virtual community gala in recognition for his effort, Daily Herald reported.

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Dr. Omar Lateef of Hinsdale has been president and CEO of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago since May 2019.

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Under his leadership, the center received national recognition for its effective management of the COVID-19 pandemic, including building a forward triage, deploying early testing, acceptance of critically ill patient transfers, and being one of the first health systems to offer antibody testing.

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Other Achievements

Lateef, a professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Rush University, was also named one of “Modern Healthcare’s” 50 most influential clinical executives for his work.

“I do not feel like I deserve this kind of recognition, especially at a time when so many are fighting the pandemic every day and remain at risk for exposure during this global pandemic,” Lateef said.

“The CIOGC is a voice of unity in the community, and unity is the message we need if we are going to successfully put this disease behind us and find a true return to normalcy.”

For over two decades, the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC) has served as the unifying force that brings together over 400,000 Muslim Americans in the greater Chicago region, and now increasingly all of Illinois.

With over 60 member organizations, ranging from mosques, to Islamic schools and community organizations based in the Chicagoland region, the CIOGC is also a very large and diverse body.

Today, the CIOGC is holding its 28th community gala under the title, “Igniting Change. Connecting Communities.”