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Muslim Campaign Reaches Out to Americans

CHICAGO – GainPeace, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization, has launched a new campaign titled ‘Liberty & Justice for All’ to target all Americans, educating them on the values shared between Islam and the US constitution.

The six-week long campaign aims to reach out to one million Americans through seven billboards, 300,000 Facebook ads, six mosque open houses for neighbors, and 50,000 postcards to educate Americans about the peaceful teachings of Islam.

GainPeaceis a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to educate the general public about Islam and to clarify misconceptions they may hold.

The organization was established in 2008 as an outreach project of Islamic Circle of North America.

There are an estimated 1.5 billion Muslims around the world and 8 million in United States. Muslims believe in the “Oneness of God” and “Prophet Muhammad” as the last Messenger from God.

Islamic Circle of North America, parent organization of Gain Peace and Islamic Circle of North America – Kansas City Chapter, is one of the largest, non-profit, independent, and grassroots organization of American Muslims with twenty five chapters and affiliates around the nation.

The organization’s mission is to promote proper understanding of Islam and Muslims.

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