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Massachusetts Mosques Host “Ask A Muslim” Event

Massachusetts Mosques Host “Ask A Muslim” Event

LYNN, Massachusetts – Offering Massachusetts people a chance to get more information about Islam, ask questions, and witness Muslim prayers, the Islamic Society of North Shore joined 17 other mosques across the state in opening their doors to the public on Sunday, April 2.

“This is what it’s really all about, for you to see us, for us to see you, to know each other and hopefully this will be the beginning of a great relation for our community,” said Fawaz Abusharkh, who led part of the “Ask A Muslim” Open Mosque Day discussion at Islamic Society of the North Shore (ISNS) “Masjid Us-Salam”, reported.

Abusharkh said people were always welcome every day at the mosque, not only during the open house on Sunday.

He said the event was a way to reach out to people.

“If people know about each other, understand each other, then get together and they’ll love each other because at the end, we all have the same hopes,” Abusharkh said.

“We all have the same dreams.

“There is a big misinformation and misunderstanding about many things and Islam is one of those things, and I think it’s important to introduce the religion and to let people know about it. Don’t hate me until you know me,” he continued.

Visitors discussed three topics, human rights in Islam, Christianity & other religions in Islam, and women’s rights in Islam.

The topics were chosen because they were good conversation starters, important, and things that may be the most unknown to people who aren’t Muslim, Abusharkh said.

The event was also a chance to counter rising Islamophobia in America.

“I think it’s important that we tell people that we are like everybody else. Ask me before you judge me,” Abusharkh said.

Attending the event, Sen. Thomas McGee (D-Lynn) said the three Abrahamic faiths share the same common values.

He cited the story of Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him, being asked by God to sacrifice his son, as important to three different religions, the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith.

“I look forward to working with you together to make sure that this community continues to be one community that recognizes all faiths, all religions and is one community, and we’re all part of the city of Lynn,” McGee said.

The ISNS bought their 8,772 square-foot building in 2012 for $290,000. Their goal is to make improvements to the facility so it can accommodate 800 people.

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