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Madison Univ. Hosts “Muslims Got Talent” Event

The Muslim Students Association at the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosted the first “Muslims Got Talent” event in five years on Saturday, showcasing what it means to be a Muslim, Madison 365 reported.

“I think it went pretty well,” said MSA president Mahad Siad.

”Muslim talent isn’t highlighted that often. Usually, (MSA’s) events are about Islam awareness or more serious stuff, but we don’t get to celebrate Muslims as much. So this was a good night to do that.”

Held Saturday in Memorial Union, the event included performances from current UW-Madison students and Madison high schoolers.

It also featured the spoken word act from poet Hasan Hussein, who went by Wizduhm. Hussein’s act also included his sister, Sima.

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Acts ranged from singing, spoken word performances, a stroll performance, musical impressions and a performance of Dabke, a traditional Arab folk dance that combines circle and line dancing.

Performers won MSA t-shirts.

“I really liked it,” said Tasnia Kamal, a UW-Madison sophomore.

“It’s nice to have this outlet where Muslims can show their talents because usually we’re stigmatized and told to not be in the public eye as much. So this is nice. Also, I feel like there are some non-Muslims here so it can expose them to what it means to be Muslim.”

Talent Show

Talent shows are not very familiar among Muslims.

Yet, in 2017, Sounds of Light Charity Concert (SOL) organized a talent quest for Australian Muslims.

The Sounds of Light 2017 Talent Quest was an initiative of Human Appeal Australia. It came as part of its youth development program.

The competition offered an opportunity for young Australian Muslims to perform alongside well-known artists like Maher Zain, Adel Elmshiti, Preacher Moss and Harris J.