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Talent Quest Targets Aussie Muslim Youth

SYDNEY – Australian young Muslim youth have been invited to join the talent quest organized later this year by the internationally-recognized Sounds of Light Charity Concert (SOL).

The event, deemed the biggest on the calendar of the Australian Muslim community, will bring Muslim communities together for an evening of delightful entertainment to benefit orphans and disadvantaged children overseas, Muslim Village reported on Saturday, October 21.

Over the span of ten years, SOL has attracted more than 50,000 attendees in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney as well as Auckland in New Zealand, resulting in the incredible sponsorship of more than 7,000 orphans around the world.

SOL 2017 concerts will be held in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane between 23rd and 27th November.

Multi-Platinum artist Maher Zain from Sweden, comedian Preacher Moss from the US, singer Adel Elmshiti from Libya, Imam Suhaib Webb from the US, Dr. Omer Turkmen a Quran reciter from Turkey, and Harris J a young singer from the UK will all be participating.

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The Sounds of Light 2017 Talent Quest is an initiative of Human Appeal Australia as part of its youth development program.

The competition offers an opportunity for young Australian Muslims to perform alongside well-known artists like Maher Zain, Adel Elmshiti, Preacher Moss and Harris J.

The finalists will be rewarded with prizes and the opportunity to be part of the Human Appeal Leadership Alumni Program.

Solo performers, groups, schools, and youth organizations are invited to join the competition with any talent, in any language or genre under different categories, including Qur’an recitation, nasheed, value-driven songs, spoken word, poetry, stand-up comedy, drama plays, filmmaking, and martial arts.