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Imam Omar Suleiman Addresses Sanders Supporters in Texas

Prominent American Muslim scholar Imam Omar Suleiman made a special appearance at a Texas rally for the supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, listening and engaging with the community.

“Wonderful night speaking with Sen. Bernie Sanders about American Muslims and other crucial issues,” Suleiman wrote on Facebook.

“I appreciate the thoughtful engagement and had the chance to present him some reading from Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research on Islamophobia and he loved the infographics. Enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces at the rally as well!”

In the rally held at the Mesquite Arena Friday night, Bernie addressed about 5,300 people who filled the arena.

According to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll, Sanders has doubled his support among Democratic voters in Texas.

He now leads the race for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in Texas by two points.

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Though speaking at Sanders’ rally, Imam Suleiman ruled out it was an official endorsement.

“Not an endorsement just yet, but genuine appreciation for his time, listening, and authentically engaging the community,” Suleiman commented on Facebook.

“I don’t agree with all of his policies (or any other candidate naturally), but can appreciate his sincerity and much of what he brings to the table.”

Imam Omar Suleiman Addresses Sanders Supporters in Texas - About Islam

Muslim Support

Muslims are working on Bernie Sanders’s campaign at the highest levels.

Last month, Bernie received endorsements from the Muslim Caucus of America and Iowa’s sole Muslim state representative, Ako Abdul-Samad.

In addition, Bernie hired former ThinkProgress editor in chief Faiz Shakir as his campaign manager, making him the first Muslim and first Pakistani American to hold such a position for a major presidential campaign.

He has also been actively campaigning to win Muslim votes as part of his larger campaign for solidarity between people of all races, religions, sexual and gender identities, and nationalities.

Bernie was one of the only two presidential candidates in September last year to attend the annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Convention, one of the largest gatherings of Muslim Americans in the country.