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Halima Aden Designs Face Masks for Hijabi Healthcare Workers

Hospitals and clinics around different countries have experienced a huge shortage of face masks needed for healthcare workers responding to the coronavirus.

As standard face masks don’t tend to cater to those who wear hijab, Muslim model Halima Aden is releasing a new, inclusive line of face masks that are available for purchase and donation to frontline healthcare workers.

The model and UNICEF ambassador partnered with Anywear to create a range of matching hijab and face mask sets.

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Her collection includes easy-to-use masks that turbans and hijabs can integrate seamlessly into.

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“I wanted something that would bring joy to the patients and the healthcare workers,” she told Vogue.

The sets come in pastel shades of blue, lilac and yellow. Additionally, there are sets in grey and green.

“When it came time to design the sets, I chose shades that I associate with peace instead of the standard white; colors that just made me feel good looking at them. Ease of wear was also essential,” she said.

“This is giving people the tools to feel comfortable and do their job to the best of their ability.

“There are so many hijabi women working in healthcare, and their comfort is as important as anyone else’s in the workforce.”

Huge Effort

Muslim groups in different countries have been working tirelessly to provide health equipment to frontline workers.

Loft25 has teamed up with Green Lane Masjid and Community Center to provide 1 million masks to Birmingham.

British Muslim businessman Yousuf Bhaliok donated £200,000 to NHS in March, launching an appeal to raise £1 million.

In April, Masjid Hamzah al-Mahmood Foundation in Minnesota volunteered to sew 1,500 homemade masks for low-risk patients and non-medical staff.