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Fast & Furious Star Learns Muslims’ Prayer

DUBAI – Hollywood star Tyrese Gibson has revealed he has learned Muslims’ prayer during a trip to Qatar this week, saying his first visit to a Grand Mosque left him with an impression of being “truly blessed”.

“My first visit ever to a Grand Mosque my heart is been beating so fast and I felt vulnerable just by walking inside,” Gibson posted on Facebook.

“I was given my first course on HOW to properly pray and I truly feel blessed…….. Shout to all of the believers around the world…… Inshallah [God willing] my visions will be blessed for the Middle East,” he continued.

The post was published as Gibson shared pictures and videos of him dressed in traditional Gulf clothing.

So far, over 123,000 fans have ‘like’ his Facebook status with more than 19,000 shares on social media.

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The post left his fans wondering if the actor had already converted to Islam or if he was merely getting to know the religion.

Gibson has visited the Middle East many times as part of work for the “Fast & Furious” franchise, as well as in his personal time.

In a trip to the UAE last year, he donned a Kandura, a traditional piece of male clothing in the GCC, in what he said was “respecting the tradition and culture.” Gibson was attending the Formula 1 races in Abu Dhabi.

One comment which stood out was from Denzel Phoenix, who admired Gibson’s decision and his understanding towards the meaning of faith.

“Denzel Phoenix: A believer in faith no matter the religion gains my respect. I can’t stand one sided religious people who can only see from their point of view. No matter whether it be a church, mosque, living room, forest, etc…the only true temple is within. So respect to Tyrese Gibson for truly understanding what faith is.”

He also uploaded a minute-long video showing the inside of the mosque, which received more than 1.4 million views to date.

In June last year, the Hollywood actor, famous for his character as Roman Pearce in The Fast and The Furious series of movies, had denied that he had converted to Islam.