Chicago Group Plans Gala to Promote Muslim American Heritage

The Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA) will be hosting its annual gala on November 7, reaching out to the community and working for more inclusion.

Speaking to ABC7 Chicago, the group co-founder Ahmed “Flex” Omar said the event had a goal to talk more about Muslim American identity in the 21st century.

MALA’s annual gala brings together philanthropists, thought leaders, and community leaders to celebrate another year of progress for the Muslim American heritage.

Chicago Group Plans Gala to Promote Muslim American Heritage - About Islam

The gala is a celebration of steps made toward uniting Americans of all backgrounds for social cohesion, recognizing diversity and inclusion.

The event will be held at the iconic Chicago History Museum.

The Muslim-American Leadership Alliance (MALA) is a non-profit civic organization aims to promote individual freedom and celebrate Muslim-American heritage.

It is focused on “Civil Rights, Advocacy for Specific Groups,” specifically Americans of Muslim heritage. MALA embraces free expression, gender equality, and pluralism as cherished universal ideals.