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Fast Against Hunger

Canadians Urged to Help Feed 6000 Families

Seeing Ramadan as a time of giving charity, Ramadan Project initiative has invited Canadians of all faiths to come together and fast alongside Muslims on April 23 to fight hunger and help feed 6000 families.

“We would like to invite our non-Muslim friends to join us and fast alongside us on April 23rd to show our support for those individuals who face food insecurities on a regular basis,” Project Ramadan wrote in a statement online.

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Project Ramadan is an initiative dedicated to supporting families in need. Operating under the umbrella of the Muslim Welfare Centre, Project Ramadan’s mission is to fundraise, assemble, and distribute baskets containing staple food items, according to the project’s Facebook page.

This year, the Fast Against Hunger campaign came in response to the hunger crisis facing Canadians.

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“We believe that our community is always stronger together, and that access to food is a basic human right, not a privilege,” says the group.

“Your donation goes towards Project Ramadan’s food basket program to help support families in our local community. For every $60 donated you help feed a family for up to 1 month,” said Project Ramadan.

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The month of Ramadan is definitely a month of sharing and solidarity. Muslims exert efforts during the holy month to give charity to the needy.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “The best charity is that given in Ramadhan.” [At-Tirmithi].

A few days before Ramadan, Canadian Muslims and Give 30 started collecting donations to support food banks nationwide during Ramadan.

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