Ahead of International Women Day

Canadian Muslim Women Hold Unique Women-Only Event

Ahmadiyyah Muslim Women’s Association will hold a multi-faith event called ‘Women As Nation Builders’ to bring together presenters from different perspectives under one notion.

“It’s a very unique and extraordinary event for women, by women,” said Maham Anna Malik with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association, CBC reported.

“Our goal is to provide a forum for women from diverse backgrounds to build connections with a shared respect and mutual understanding.

“We have Christian speakers, Indigenous speakers, Sikh speakers, Muslim speakers and other guests with women attending from across the prairies.”

Canadian Muslim Women Hold Unique Women-Only Event - About Islam

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The event, planned on Monday, will celebrate and foster excellence while challenging misconceptions about women from different backgrounds.

Attendees include dignitaries, faith leaders, and academics.

“We feel it’s important to empower women, to provide a safe, encouraging and educating dialogue to learn the essential role of women as leaders and nation builders across faiths,” said Malik.

“Despite our differences, we have so much in common.”

International Women’s Day is an important annual occasion.

As Muslims, we already have the foundation for equality, and International Women’s Day should be a reminder to us all, on how to support women’s freedoms and to better live our lives.

From roles as leaders, businesswomen, teachers, medics, as well as housewives, farmers, traders, advisers, and so much more Prophet Muhammad ensured that a woman’s gender was not an obstacle for her to achieve. And when the patriarchal society would object, the Prophet would correct their objection.