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Canadian Charity Plans First Conf. on Islam & Disability

A Canadian charity founded by Muslims with disabilities (DEEN) has announced plans for the first annual global conference on disability and Islam scheduled for August 18.

“We invite you to participate in this unique opportunity to present your work virtually,” Deen Support Services wrote on Facebook.

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“The goal of this conference is to advance the understandings of Islam and disability, the needs of Muslims with disabilities within an Islamic context, and the responsibilities of Muslim communities to support individuals with disabilities.”

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The charity invited people to submit papers, lectures, posters and presentations related to the conference theme before July 15.

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“The Islamic tradition is clear on the rights of persons with disabilities in society. However, this tradition remains misunderstood and under-studied. It results in misconceptions about disability within Muslim communities,” a statement announcing the conference read.

“This virtual, multi-disciplinary conference brings together the work of service providers, academics, Islamic scholars, individuals with lived experience of disability, and disability advocates to explore opportunities and challenges for Muslims with disabilities in both Muslim majority and minority contexts.

Canadian Charity Plans First Conf. on Islam & Disability - About Islam


The conference is supported by Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT) and Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research.

DEEN Support Services is a registered Canadian charity founded by Muslims with Disabilities.

In the eyes of Allah, humans are all equal. The only thing that makes one better than the other is the individual’s consciousness of Allah (taqwa).

In Islam, disability is a means to gain more reward and to get closer to Allah.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Whatever befalls a believer of illness or fatigue, even if it was a thorn that sticks in his foot, Allah will make it a removal of his sins.” (Al-Bukhari)