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A Disabled Muslimah: “How Can I Deal with My Sexual Desires?”

A Disabled Muslimah: “How Can I Deal with My Sexual Desires?”

In this counseling answer: • Seek a husband without allowing your preconceived ideas about what all men are looking to prevent you from trying. • Whether you do or do not find a spouse, you are still in receipt of contact reward for enduring the trial that you face with your deteriorating health and that …

born crippled

Born Crippled: Did I Inherit My Ancestors' Sins?

Short Answer: It is true that Islam does not accept inherited sin or punishment. Muslims do not accept the view that someone’s physical defect is a punishment given to him/her instead of their father. Islam teaches that the justice of God is all-pervading and that there is no question of His punishing one person for the sin of another. …

How Should Muslims Look at Disability?

Despite efforts of experts and people with disabilities, the majority of people still look at disability as something to be ashamed of or to hide, something to get rid of or to be ridiculed – including many Muslims. The culture and wrong interpretations of religion shape the view of some Muslims on disability which often …

I Want to Marry a Disabled Man

In this counseling answer: “You could suggest that they meet his parents or family and not just him. This will also give them reassurance that he comes from a good family and will take the focus away from him alone if that is what you fear will make them reject the proposal. If they are confident …


Taking Care of Disabled & Elderly Pilgrims

Muhammad Al-Sulami earns a living by pushing his wheelchair carrying the elderly and sick pilgrims in the Grand Mosque in Makkah. He has crossed millions of kilometers doing this tiresome but rewarding work in the past 20 years.

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