Canada Muslims Launch First Halal Food Show

CAIRO – Canada’s first halal food show has kicked off at the end of 2015, offering the Muslim community in Greater Toronto Area halal alternatives for food and restaurants.

Titled “Breaking Bread”, the program’s first episode kicked off last October after airing its first episode on YouTube.

Breaking Bread is Canada’s first halal web series that profiles halal restaurants in and around the GTA.

Co-creators Salima Jivraj and Sheba Siddiqui cover all things halal with local Toronto chefs featuring key dishes and recipes, from the most well-known halal restaurants to local greasy spoons, the show website says.

The first of its kind in Canada, each episode features a different halal restaurant and local chef.


Their goal is to bring attention to all of the delectable dining options that offer halal fare across Canada while presenting the vast cultural backgrounds and traditions of Canadian Muslims.

The first season of Breaking Bread offers food from local eateries across the Greater Toronto Area including burger joints, Somali food, Italian favorites and even hand-pulled Langman noodles from an area in northwestern China where over two million Muslims reside.

The show website puts a target of reaching out to the larger community by breaking barriers and showcasing the different cultures of the Muslim community by celebrating various foods and cultures.