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Halal food in Japan

Japanese Restaurant Hosts Halal Food Fair for 2020 Olympics

In preparation for the 2020 Olympics, a Tokyo restaurant is organizing an event for halal food to accommodate the thousands of Muslim athletes and tourists who will show up at the world’s largest sports event, Sports Inquirer reported on July 24. “We’re hoping that people from around the world will enjoy their meals free from …

halal food

Halal Food Business Flourishes in Moscow

The number of halal food producers catering for the Russian Muslim community has grown significantly in Moscow, with many of them setting an eye of expanding to other markers, The ASEAN Post reported on July 22. “My halal food business has been feeling the pinch because many competitors now vie for a piece of a …

Toronto Halal Food Fest Attracts Large Crowds - About Islam

Toronto Halal Food Fest Attracts Large Crowds

North America’s largest halal food festival took place in Toronto this past weekend at the International Centre in Mississauga and attracted over 35,000 visitors from across the continent. “The Greater Toronto Area is home to the largest population of Muslims in Canada, making it the perfect destination,” noted the organizers of the festival. “Sufra Halal …

muslim astronaut will be offered halal food

This Muslim Astronaut Will Have Halal Food at Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) will be offering halal food to first Emirati astronaut, Hazza Al Mansoori, who will be onboard on September 25, Sputnik reported on July 7. “Halal dishes enough for the eight-day trip are expected to be ready by mid-August. These canned meals will include balaleet, sweet vermicelli, saluna — sweet and …

Japan Schools Urged to Offer Halal Dietary Options - About Islam

Japan Schools Urged to Offer Halal Dietary Options

Schools and daycare facilities in Japan have been urged to accommodate students of different religious backgrounds in their dietary options, including offering halal food to Muslim children, Japan Times reported on Sunday, June 23. “Since the number of Islamic children is likely to increase in the future, we should consider taking measures,” an official from …

prohibit food

Why Does God Prohibit Certain Kinds of Food?

Short Answer:Basically, because He has wisdom we don’t have about the correct way in which our body was meant to function. He knows better what is good for us from among His Creation. He orders, we obey. Salam Dear Awad, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. As for the prohibition …

Why You Shouldn't Order a 'Muslim Meal' on Your Next Flight

Why You Shouldn't Request a 'Muslim Meal' on Your Next Flight

Why shouldfood be an issue for Muslim passengers all the time? Is it really that hard for people to know what can a Muslim eat? Read this hilarious story shared by American Muslim comedian,Aman Aliand have fun 🙂 I caused a scene being Muslim on a plane the other day. I was in Malaysia for …

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