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Japan Schools Urged to Offer Halal Dietary Options

Schools and daycare facilities in Japan have been urged to accommodate students of different religious backgrounds in their dietary options, including offering halal food to Muslim children, Japan Times reported on Sunday, June 23. “Since the number of Islamic children is likely to increase in the future, we should consider taking measures,” an official from …

prohibit food

Why Does God Prohibit Certain Kinds of Food?

Short Answer: Basically, because He has wisdom we don’t have about the correct way in which our body was meant to function. He knows better what is good for us from among His Creation. He orders, we obey. Salam Dear Awad, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. As for the prohibition …

Why You Shouldn't Order a 'Muslim Meal' on Your Next Flight

Why You Shouldn't Request a 'Muslim Meal' on Your Next Flight

Why should food be an issue for Muslim passengers all the time? Is it really that hard for people to know what can a Muslim eat? Read this hilarious story shared by American Muslim comedian, Aman Ali and have fun 🙂  I caused a scene being Muslim on a plane the other day. I was in Malaysia for …

NZ Meat Industry Supports Muslims After Christchurch Attacks

The meat industry is encouraging farmers to support those affected by the mosque attacks in Christchurch.  Farmers who were interested in making donations are being told to contact their stock buyer or meat processor. New Zealand main meat processors and the Meat Industry Association have launched the Halal Community Response Trust to offer support to …

Are All Chicken in Canada Halal

Are All Chicken in Canada Halal?

Many scholars/imams in Canada (in my situation Montreal) suggest that any chicken cut in this part of the region is considered halal.

Gifted Liquor and Pork

Gifted Liquor and Pork: What to Do?

My company gave me some gifts. I found out that part of the gift contains liquor and pork. I don’t know what I should do with them. Should I gift them to a non-Muslim friend, return them or get rid of them?

Food Cooked by Non-Muslims

Food Cooked by Non-Muslims: Allowed?

I would like to know whether it is halal to eat the food they prepare as they will be using the same kitchen utensils to prepare these meals and those fryers or utensils will not be cleaned according to the Shari`ah rulings.

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