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Are You in Canada? Here Are `Eid Prayer Locations

TORONTO – As Muslims around the world prepare to welcome `Eid Al-Fitr, which crowns the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, Canadian Muslims have set different venues for celebrating the religious holiday, organizing large gatherings in Toronto and Ottawa.

`Eid Al-Fitr is one the two main Islamic religious festivals along with `Eid Al-Adha.

During `Eid days, families and friends exchange visits to express well wishes and children, wearing new clothes bought especially for `Eid, enjoy going out in parks and open fields.

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Here follows a list of main events planned this `Eid across Toronto and Ottawa, as assembled by MuslimLink.ca on Thursday, June 23.

Are You in Canada? Here Are `Eid Prayer Locations - About Islam


Halton Region: Milton, Oakville, Burlington & Hamilton

Al Falah Islamic Centre

Location: 391 Burnhamthorpe Rd E, Oakville, L6H 7B4

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1st Prayer: 7:00 AM – Khateeb: Imam Diea Alfanous
2nd Prayer: 8:45 AM – Khateeb: Dr. Nazir Khan
3rd Prayer: 11:00 AM – Khateeb: Hafiz Siraj Muneer

For more details, click here

Peel Region: (Brampton, Mississauga)


Ar-Rashaad Learning Centre

Location: 18 Automatic Road, Unit 2, Brampton, ON L6S 5N5

First Prayer:   7:30 am


Muslim Welfare Centre – Al-Abbas Musallah

Location: 3490 Mavis Rd, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5C 1T8

First Prayer:  7:15 am

Second Prayer:  8:15 am


Jamia Islamiah Canada

Location: 2380 Tedlo Rd, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5A 3V3

First Prayer:  6:00 am

Second Prayer:  7:00 am

Third Prayer:  8:00 am

Forth Prayer:  10:00 am


ISNA Canada

Location: 2200 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga, L5J 2M4

First Prayer 6:15 am

Second Prayer 8:15 am

Third Prayer 10:15 am

Note: Bring Your Own Prayer Mat

For more details click here


Jame Masjid Mississauga

Location: 5761 Coopers Ave, Mississauga, L4Z 1R9

First Prayer 7:00 am – Hafiz Abdul Qayyom Fareedy

Second Prayer 8:30am – or when Masjid is full – Mufti Amer Ansari
Third Prayer 9:30am – or when Masjid is full – Imam Mohammed Nafis Bhayat
Forth Prayer 10:30am – or when Masjid is full – Ustadh Abdullah Syed

For details click here


Are You in Canada? Here Are `Eid Prayer Locations - About Islam

Suffah Academy

Location: 6610 Turner Valley Road, Mississauga, L5N 2P1

Lecture 8:30 am, Prayer 9:00 am

For details click here


Muslim Neighbour Nexus Outdoor Salah

Location: Churchill Meadows Community Common Park, 3370 McDowell Dr, Mississauga, L5M

Takbeerat 8:30 am, Prayer 9:00 am

For details click here


ICNA Canada Peel Chapter

Location: Payal Banquet Hall, 3410 Semenyk Court, Mississauga, L5C 4P9

Takbeerat 9:00 am, Prayer 9:30 am

For details click here   Toronto Region: East York, North York, Downtown, Etobicoke & Scarborough


MAC Eid Festival Toronto

Location: Enercare Centre, 100 Princes Blvd #1, Toronto, M6K 3C3

Prayer 10:00 am

For details click here


Islamic Institute of Toronto

Location: 1630 Neilson Road, Toronto, M1X 1S3

Prayer 9:00 am

Note: Make Wudu at home

For details click here


Noor Cultural Centre

Location: 123 Wynford Dr, Toronto, M3C 1K1

Dhikr 9:40 am, Prayer 10:00 am

For details click here


Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Mosque

Location: 16 Bethridge Rd Etobicoke, ON M9W 1N1 Canada

First Prayer:  9:30 am

Second Prayer:  10:00 am

Note: Bring your own prayer mats

Durham Region: Ajax, Oshawa, Pickering & Whitby


Pickering Islamic Center

First Prayer 6:00 am at Pickering Islamic Center

Second Prayer 9:30 am at Pickering High School, 18 Church St., Ajax

Bring your own prayer mat/sheets/shoe bag

For details click here

 Are You in Canada? Here Are `Eid Prayer Locations - About Islam



Kanata Muslim Association (KMA)
Time: Takbeerat 7:45 am Prayer 8:00 am
Location: Richcraft Recreation Complex, 4101 Innovation Drive



Masjid Jami Omar
 First Prayer 7:30 am, Second Prayer 9:00 am
Location: 3990 Old Richmond Road, K2H 8R5


Turkish Association of Canada (TAC)
Prayer 7:15 am
Location: 2955 Michele Heights Community Centre, K2B 8G3
View details here


Dar As Sahaba Outdoor Eid Prayer
 Prayer 9:00 am
Location: Ruth Wildgens Park (Behind Boys & Girls Club), 1099 Grenon

Rain Location: Boys & Girls Club, 2825 Dumaurier Avenue (Rain Prayer Times at 8:30 am & 9:30 am)


Cordova Centre
 Takbeerat 9:00 am, Prayer 9:45 am
Location: Trend-Arlington Community Centre, 50 Bateman, K2G 5H4


Ottawa Muslim Association (OMA)

Time: First Takbeerat 7:15 am First Prayer at 8:00 am
Second Takbeerat 9:00 am Second Prayer at 9:30 am
Location: Ottawa Main Mosque, 251 Northwestern Avenue, K1Y 0M1



Muslim Association of Ottawa (MAC)
 First Prayer at 9:00 am (Takbeerat at 8:30 am)
Second Prayer at 10:00 am
Location: EY Centre, 4899 Uplands Drive
Prayers will be followed by the MAC Eid Festival. View details here


Assunnah Muslim Association
Time: Prayer at 8:30 am
Location: Masjid ar Rahmah, 1216 Hunt Club
Prayers will be followed by the AMA Eid Festival. View details here


South Nepean Muslim Community (SNMC)
First Prayer 7:30 am by Imam Zijad Delic
Second Prayer 9:00 am by Dr. Atif Kabir
Third Prayer 10:30 am by Dr. Reda Beshir
Location: Masjid SNMC, 3020 Woodroffe Avenue
Parking: Parking will be available at 11 Claridge Drive



Sanad Collective
Time: First Takbeerat at 7:00 am First Prayer at 7:30 am
Second Takbeerat at 9:00 am Second Prayer at 9:30 am
Location: Masjid Rhoda, 1724 Montreal Road, K1J 1J4
View details here


Masjid Bilal
Time: First Prayer at 8:00 am
Second Prayer at 9:00 am

Third Prayer 10:00 am

Location: Shenkman Arts Centre, 245 Centrum Blvd

Note: Bring your own prayer mats and have wudu



Outaouais Islamic Centre (CIO)
First Takbeerat 8:00 am First Prayer 8:30 am •
Second Takbeerat 10:00 pm Second Prayer 10:15 am
Location: Masjid Gatineau, 4 Lois Street, J8Y 3R1
Parking: People are encouraged to use the parking lot of the Fonderie. This parking lot is accessible from Montcalm Street.