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American Beauty Pageant’s Journey to Islam (Video)

CAIRO – A former American beauty pageant model was hosted by The Deen Show to tell her story of how she found Islam after a long journey going from Christianity, atheism and modeling life to finally finding peace and purpose in life in Islam.

“I always felt something was missing and never really knew what it was. I lived kind of the party life style,” Chelsey told The Deen Show in a video posted on YouTube on March 4.

“I remember when I started looking into Islam; I almost kind of started to feel like genuine happiness. I did not feel this emptiness as much anyway.”

According to Chelsey, she began looking into Christianity when she was 11, then again around 15 or 16 when she used to go to church.

Her recurrent visits to the church did not convince her that this is what she believes in, leaving this altogether to atheism.

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An 18-year-old friend she had at high school, who was a Palestinian Muslim, was the first one to introduce her to Islam, through discussions they had together on the existence of God and how life should be.

“Right down there, I said hey what do I have to lose, let me just go ahead and watch some lectures on the YouTube,” Chelsey says in the video.

“That is actually what brought me to the Deen Show Alhamdulillah. I remember just watching video after video… and I would spend hours every day doing that.”

Chelsey, who has a YouTube channel ChelseyHijabLove, is a married woman with a 22-month-old son Ali.

“I’m an American Hijabi Muslim Revert, and licensed cosmetologist. I love to meet people, teach and express my thoughts on religion, life and beauty. I am a mommy to my first born son, and married to my best friend,” she writes on her channel.

Finding Islam, Chelsey says she is living happiness she has been seeking for years.

“Now four and half years after converting, I can honestly say that I am the most genuinely happy than I have ever been in my entire life Alhamdulillah,” she said.