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New Year Honors: Meet UK’s Muslim Good Samaritans

Many British Muslims, especially youth and women, have been named in the Queen’s new year honors, in recognition of their charitable work to help their community.

The following list gives insight into those who have made it to the honor list this year.

Officers of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

  • Ruby Khalid Bhatti: The award signifies a reward for his services to young people and the housing sector in the UK. He’s a solicitor consultant at Taylor Price Legal Ltd in Leeds. The 49-year-old man is a prominent figure of Taylor Price as he’s associated with at least five company roles. It was established in 2015 and currently operates through two offices based in Manchester and Leeds.
  • Mustafa Field: This Iraqi British Muslim was named an MBE for his services to faith communities and social cohesion. He cooperates with a wide network of governmental British organizations in addition to the International Centre for Integration & Cohesion (ICIC) which he now manages. He’s a fellow at the John Smith Trust, an initiative to raise a new generation of leaders that is funded and supported by the UK Foreign Office. He’s also the director of the Faiths Forum for London.
  • Nasar Mahmood: He’s the Chairman of the British Muslim Heritage Centre, rewarded for his services to the community relations in Manchester. This accomplishment reflects the personal commitment and dedication of the Muslim manager over many years, whereby he has worked earnestly and relentlessly towards establishing services and facilities for communities.


New Year Honors: Meet UK’s Muslim Good Samaritans - About Islam
Aamer Naeem from Penny Appeal
  • Aamer Naeem: The CEO of Penny Appeal was named as an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) for the innovative and much-needed projects his charity has carried out in recent years both in Britain and abroad. Naeem is a qualified pharmacist who strives to alleviate poverty and suffering. He’s also currently the director of Innov8 Creative Solutions Ltd and Innov8 Training Solutions, delivering leadership development programs.
  • Shahed Saleem Tariq: The Muslim winner of this award is the Deputy Director of Children and Families in Leeds City Council. He’s known for his services to children’s services in Leeds.
  • Imam Mohamed Hassan Yousef MAHMOUD – Imam, London. For services to the community in London.
  • Abyd KARMALI – Managing Director of Climate Finance, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. For services to International Climate Change and Sustainable Finance.
  • Umer KHAN – Superintendent, Greater Manchester Police. For services to Policing and Community Cohesion.
  • Farooq Ur Rehman CHAUDHRY – Producer. For services to Dance and Dance Production.


New Year Honors: Meet UK’s Muslim Good Samaritans - About Islam
Mustafa Suleyman

Commanders of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

  • Mustafa SULEYMAN – For services to the UK Technology Industry.

Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

  • Fateha Ahmed: The British MBE award was granted to Ahmed for her services to diverse communities in Wales. She’s a teaching assistant at the Protocol Education initiative matches the teachers in the UK and the support staff with their perfect roles.
  • Saeed Atcha: The Charity CEO & Social Mobility Commissioner was rewarded for the services he provides to young people and the community in Greater Manchester. As the founder of Xplode Magazine, he brought in over 250 volunteers and trained over 4,000 young people in employability, media, business and life skills.
New Year Honors: Meet UK’s Muslim Good Samaritans - About Islam
Monojaha Polly Islam
  • Monojaha Polly Islam: – She was rewarded for her services to charity and the UK Bangladeshi community. Islam is the founder of Zarah’s, a retail store which specializes in modern Islamic wear, which also has a growing platform for e-commerce. In addition to business dealings, Islam has experience in the legal field, having not only been a legal adviser, but also the Practice Manager of a law firm. She has also been involved with the voluntary sector, playing the role of a trustee of London Tigers, Women4Women Project, Bangladesh Female Academy (founder member) and Central London Youth Development.
  • Mohammed Muaaz Khan: The Muslim founder of Eid Unwrapped and Convenor, and the Public Service Youth Foundation was rewarded for serving young people in the UK.
  • Jamila Kossar: She was named a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for the exciting work she leads in feeding homeless people in Manchester, UK. The Muslim activist has many years of experience as a teacher of religious education in a Manchester school. Kossar is also part of the Senior Leadership Team, the school (SMSC) Islamic Coordinator, Designated Safeguarding Lead, and the school of Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) Coordinator.
  • Helal Mahmood: This Muslim man is the Development Officer of Oldham Mosques Council. The British Queen rewarded him for the charitable and coexistence services he provides for the cohesion of the British community in Oldham.
  • Tariq Mahmood Dar: The 67-year-old Muslim man was granted the MBE award for the services he presents to charity and the community in Brent, London.
New Year Honors: Meet UK’s Muslim Good Samaritans - About Islam
Rifhat Malik
  • Rifhat Malik: She’s a professional health and fitness instructor and has considerable experience within the voluntary and community sector, where she has worked for the past 15 years. She’s a founder member of the Give A Gift scheme which encourages the South Asian Community to support local charities operating in their respective localities. Through this role, Malik has been actively supporting Martin House. She used to work as a trustee in the education sector to raise awareness of the hospice in communities which traditionally don’t access its services. She was rewarded for her services to Muslim women and charity.
  • Mohammed Ridwan Ahmed Rafique: The Muslim leader received the prestigious British award for his role as the Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Immigration Enforcement at Home Office. The English Queen rewarded him for the services he presented to the promotion of inclusion in the Home Office and the community in Sandwell.
  • Farshid Raoufi: He’s the Station Commander of Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service. He has received the prominent British title for his services to the equality and inclusion in the British society, especially the community of Govan, Glasgow in Scotland.
New Year Honors: Meet UK’s Muslim Good Samaritans - About Islam
Mamun-Ur- Rashid
  • Mamun-Ur- Rashid: This British Muslim man was rewarded for the multiple and diverse services he has provided to the British business sector as well as the roles he has played within Govan community in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Wahida Shaffi: The Muslim woman has over 20 years’ experience of working with diverse communities from across the UK. Since then she has gone on to facilitate, deliver training, complete research, develop and manage programs and produce films on a wide range of issues related to equality, diversity, participation, gender, conflict and interfaith both locally, nationally and internationally. Before becoming the national Director of the ‘Catalyst Programme’, she was the West Yorkshire Coordinator for ‘Near Neighbours’ where she oversaw Catalyst initiatives in the UK. She has also held the position of ‘National Women’s Programme Lead’ with the Christian Muslim Forum where she pioneered their national women’s program conducting research & exploring the issues affecting women of faith across the UK. Shaffi currently develops a national youth-focused program of work on a freelance basis.
  • Yusuf Mehmood Tai: He’s the co-founder of the Public Service Youth Foundation and the Co-founder of ‘Manchester with the Homeless’ project. He was rewarded for his services to the young people in Manchester.
New Year Honors: Meet UK’s Muslim Good Samaritans - About Islam
  • Faeeza Vaid: She’s the Executive Director of the Muslim Women’s Network UK. Vaid primarily aims to provide a channel between Muslim women in the UK and the UK government in order to ensure that more Muslim women are involved in national policy and decision-making processes relevant to their lives. The youthful Muslim lady is also the Chairperson to the grassroots group, Sister 2 Sister, which is particularly dedicated to younger women. Vaid is originally from South Africa but has resided in Birmingham for the past 15 years. She’s currently completing an LLM in Socio-Legal Studies at Warwick University, UK.
  • Shabnam Sabir: This Muslim lady received the British Empire Medal (BEM) for her charity activities in Oxford, UK. She’s the founder of Oxford Homeless Project, Oxford Kidz Klub, and Oxford Eid Extravaganza since 2013. Sabir is the 6th form coordinator at EMBS Community College in Oxford. Her projects raise awareness about homelessness and breaking the stereotypes around the homeless community in Britain.
  • Jamshaid AHMAD – Immigration Officer, London and South, Home Office. For services to Law and Order.
  • Riaz ALIDINA – Head of Financial Institutions Business Risk, Lloyds Banking Group. For services to Small Business Banking.
  • Abul Kalam Azad CHOUDHURY – Founder, Azad Choudhury Academy, and Welfare Trust. For services to Education in Bangladesh.
  • Mehmooda DUKE DL – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Moosa- Duke Solicitors. For services to the Legal Profession and the Promotion of Female Entrepreneurship.
  • Zuffar Iqbal HAQ – For public and political service.

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