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Muslim Mother Wins Case against Forced Adoption

Failing Refugees

Friday’s decision from the Strasbourg court found that the Norwegian authorities failed to take into account the boy’s religious and cultural background.

“The arrangements … failed to take due account of the applicant’s interest in allowing [her son] to retain at least some ties to his cultural and religious origins,” the 17-judge panel wrote.

The court ordered Oslo to pay Ibrahim 30,000 euros ($33,000) in damages. 

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Islam is the second largest religion in Norway after Christianity. As of 2020, the number of Muslims living in Norway was 182,826 (3.4% of the population of 5,402,171.

The majority of Muslims in Norway are Sunni, with a significant Shia minority. Fifty-five percent of Muslims in the country live in the counties of Oslo and Akershus.

The vast majority have an immigrant background, with Norwegians of Pakistani descent being the most visible and well-known group.

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