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Muslim Elected to Refugee Council USA Board

A diverse American coalition promoting efforts to protect and welcome refugees and asylum-seekers has elected Islamic Relief CEO to its executive board, becoming the only Muslim member of the council.

“Joining the Refugee Council US on behalf of Islamic Relief USA is a great honor. This position will allow us to play a more active role in supporting the resettlement and integration of incoming refugees in the United States,” Sharif Aly, Chief Executive Officer at Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Moreover, through this powerful coalition, we will have greater opportunity to influence policy that affect refugees and asylum seekers.”

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Aly was elected to the Executive Board of the Refugee Council of the United States of America (RCUSA) on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

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He believes the new position will allow him to ensure the voices of Muslim refugees are heard and advocated for.

“With over 50% of refugees coming into America being Muslim, it is imperative that a Muslim faith-based institution such as Islamic Relief USA has a seat at the table to ensure the voices of these refugees are being heard and advocated for,” he added.

RUSCA is a coalition of 27 US-based non-governmental organizations, dedicated to refugee protection, welcome, and excellence in the US refugee resettlement program.

It was first formed in 2000 to recognize the need for increased coordination and cooperation among resettlement agencies.