Muslim Lifestyle Show Draws Thousands of Visitors

LONDON – For the second consecutive year, thousands of Muslims thronged Kingston Olympia London to attend Muslim lifestyle show, enjoying different cultures, exhibitions, halal food and even a catwalk fashion show.

“The London Muslim Lifestyle show takes particular pride in breaking down social barriers and stereotypes and as such provides a neutral and friendly environment attracting visitors from outside the vast Muslim community, welcoming the interest in our rich culture and industry,” the show homepage says.

“The show attracts a cross section of Muslim society across age groups. Our typical visitors are families not only from the UK but from all over the globe,” it added.

The event, inaugurated on Saturday, April 15, runs through April 16.

The first show, held in April 2016 and also at the renowned Kensington Olympia London, was a huge success and superseded expectations.

“With over 135 exhibitors from 14 different countries participating the event showcases the very finest from the Muslim market from food to the modest fashion industry and also Finance, Pharmacuticals, Travel, Media amongst other lifestyle sectors,” organizers added.

As one of UK’s biggest Muslim lifestyle events, traditional as well as Muslim centric brands are in a stage of learning.

The global Muslim consumer market is growing and will continue to do so as education empowers individuals granting them higher disposable incomes.

The days of simply adding a ‘halal’ stamp on a product are also fast disappearing as empowered with better awareness, the Muslim consumer is seeking a better quality of product.

Here is a video shared by from inside the exhibition: