Muslim Cricketer Retires, Hopes to Inspire Young Generations

The past years have seen Moeen Ali making history as a talented player and the first Muslim of Asian origin to lead the English national team.

This exceptional career is coming to an end with the England star callingoff his international career on Monday.

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Making the decision, Ali said he hopes to have big impact off the pitch, calling upon a new generation of British Muslim cricketers to follow in his footsteps.

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“I probably didn’t realize how big it is, but it is a huge thing,” he told The Guardian when asked about his role representing British Asians in an England shirt.

“It didn’t feel like a burden, but I did feel like there was a bigger purpose for me than just batting and bowling. There was a purpose of trying to inspire others.

“It always takes somebody to inspire you or [make you] say ‘if he can do it, so can I’. I hope there is someone out there who is thinking that. I certainly felt that when I first saw [South Africa’s] Hashim Amla on TV.

“It does take a little spark. I’d love in 10 years time, somebody to say ‘Moeen made it easier for me’.”

Exceptional Career

After joining England national team in 2017, Ali represented England in all formats of the game.

He took 195 wickets and managed 2,914 runs across 64 Test matches representing his country in a seven-year international career.

He won Warwickshire’s NBC Denis Compton Award in both 2004 and 2005 and Worcestershire’s NBC Denis Compton Award in 2009.

Ali promised to “put everything” into helping England in the next two T20 World Cups and the 50-over competition in 2023.

“I’ve enjoyed Test cricket but that intensity can be too much sometimes and I feel like I’ve done enough of it and I’m happy and content with how I’ve done,” he said.