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Muslim Convert Shares Her First Visit to Madinah

Visiting Madinah is not a major rite of Hajj or `Umrah, yet Muslims’ hearts always yearn to visit the city and pray in the Prophet’s mosque.

This love came as an answer to Prophet Muhammad’s prayer when he said, “O Allah! Make us love Madinah as much as we love Makkah or even more.” [Muwatta of Imam Malik, Hadith no. 4]

Aisha Rosalie is a young British woman who began her research about Islam three years ago and later dedicated her life to promoting the Muslim faith.

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In this video, Rosalie shares excitement during her first visit to Madinah, the city of the Prophet.

“It’s too crazy to think I’m standing right outside the Prophet’s mosque. Oh my God, seriously so amazing,” she says in the video shared on YouTube.

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“To be honest, it’s amazing being here and there are millions of Muslims around the world, probably some of you guys who are watching this now, who are more deserving of this trip than me.

“But Alhamdulillah, I am here. I wish I could take all of you with me because there are so many of you that are probably hafiz of Qur’an, that have done more way than me in the world and you deserve to be here a lot more than me.

“I want to make dua` for all of you guys to get to come here inshallah because it’s so amazing.”  

What Is Madinah?

Madinah is often referred to as Madinatul Munawwarah or ‘the City of Light’, Madinatun Nabi or ‘the City of the Prophet’, Madinatun Noor or ‘the City of Light’, or Tayba meaning ‘pure, pleasant’.

To visit Madinah isn’t a Hajj or Umrah rite, but the unique merits of the Prophet’s city, his Mosque, and his sacred tomb attract every pilgrim to visit it. There is no Ihram nor talbiyah for the visit to Madinah or the Prophet’s Mosque.

Madinah is situated in central Hejaz. The Prophet’s Mosque in the city has unique merits. A prophetic hadith said that a prayer performed in the Prophet’s Mosque is better than a thousand prayers in any other place except Masjid al-Haram in Makkah.

The Beloved Messenger of Allah often made supplication for the beloved city of Madinah.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prayed, “O Allah! Bestow on Madinah twice the blessings You bestowed on Makkah.” [Bukhari, Vol. 3, Book 30, Hadith no. 109]

“O Allah, Ibrahim was Your servant, Your friend, and Your apostle; and I am Your servant and Your apostle. He (Ibrahim) made supplication to You for (the showering of blessings upon) Makkah, and I am making supplication to You for Madinah just as he made supplication to You for Makkah, and the like of it in addition.” [Muslim, Book 7, Hadith no. 3170]