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Muslim Convert Goes on Week Rations to Eat Like a Refugee

The number of people fleeing war, persecution and conflict has exceeded 79 million globally, the highest number in the UN refugee agency’s almost 70 years of operations.

Many refugee camps face the trial of going without normal provisions needed to take care of the vulnerable people, thus facing some extreme challenges with food and sanity supplies.

Expressing sympathy and solidarity with refugees, a 23-year-old Muslim convert from Birmingham decided to go on week rations to eat like a refugee, Birmingham Mail reported.

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Hannah Keeling from Hall Green lived on nothing but beans, rice and tofu for seven days to spread awareness about refugees.

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Hannah, who converted to Islam in November 2019, joined the Ration Challenge to spread awareness about Syrian refugees living in Jordan.

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She was sent a box of food that refugees would eat and given the option to add just a few additional items.

Plight of Refugees

All through the week, she struggled to make ends meet with little food supplies.

“Looking back I think I did really well, especially balancing a child, taking her to nursery, and maintaining a home. It was challenging. I could have given up plenty of times and donated myself but I kept at it,” Hannah said.

“My body is still adjusting now in all sorts of ways and it was only a week. I was getting headaches a lot of the days.

“I raised £166. £167 feeds a refugee for a whole year, it can provide a medical visit. It has made me understand a lot more about the experiences, a little bit closer to an understanding.

“It brought awareness of refugee suffering, it raised awareness and not just some money.”

More than two thirds of all refugees worldwide came from Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar and Somalia.

Syria had a considerably higher number than any other country with 6.7 million, followed by Afghanistan with 2.7 million.

Many Western countries are failing to agree on and support a fair and predictable system for protecting people forced to leave everything behind because of violence and persecution.

Instead, lower- and middle-income countries are doing much more than their fair share. Developing countries are hosting more than double the number of refugees that high-income countries are.