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Mosque Volunteers Help South Wales Less Fortunate

It was Ramadan last year when a group of volunteers from a local mosque in Maindee, South Wales, delivered food parcels to those in need during pandemic.

Approaching another Ramadan this year, the group now delivers parcels to about 30 families including five non-Muslims, South Wales Argus reported.

“We’re working under the banner of iCare, we’re just hoping this is a project that can build,” Dr Bilal Raza, who works in psychiatry and is a keen cricketer, said.

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“We always encourage the youth regardless of background, I think we’ve all suffered the same.

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“As Muslims, we have a responsibility to our local community to try and help anyone and everyone.

“A mosque is not a place of worship, it’s a community hub for all and everyone to come and bring their problems. Anyone is welcome here.”

The volunteer group from Iqra Mosque is the brainchild of Dr. Asif Alam. The food parcels prepared by the group include vegetables, pasta, cereal and some treats.

Serving non-Muslim families as well, the group welcomes people of all faiths.

“You can come speak to us. If you need our help where we can, we’ll help. We can’t change your life,” Dr Kasim Ramzan, a GP at Wellspring Medical Centre, said.

British Muslims usually lead similar efforts to help the homeless and less fortunate.

Last month, Islamic Relief UK teamed up with One Roof Leicester to help provide more than 500 people with winter food packs. 

In Aberdeen, Islamic Relief worked with Masjid Al-Hikmah to deliver 1000 food packs to the needy on January 31.

In December 2021, two local mosque in Birmingham helped vulnerable families by distributing 1000 food parcels to the needy.