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Islamic Relief, One Roof Team Up to Help Leicester Homeless

As families in Leicester continue to struggle during winter and pandemic, Islamic Relief UK has teamed up with One Roof Leicester to help provide more than 500 people with winter food packs. 

The food packs include a variety of essentials needed for homeless families during the harsh winter season.

“We’re so pleased to be working in partnership with Islamic Relief UK to organize and deliver winter food packs,” Salma Ravat, manager of One Roof Leicester, said in a statement on Islamic Relief.

“We will be delivering the food parcels to 500 people including families with children, pensioners, people who are homeless, refugees or asylum seekers. We see the financial pressures that the people we work with are under therefore the food we provide is a lifeline for many.”

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Islamic Relief, One Roof Team Up to Help Leicester Homeless - About Islam

Increasing Poverty

One Roof Leicester has seen an increase in requests for support from individuals and families who face hardship because of cuts to universal credit, losing their jobs due to covid-19 and the pressures of higher cost of energy bills.

According to the University of Sheffield’s (2021) research into local food insecurity in Leicester, 3.67% of adults suffered from hunger, 11.46% struggled to access food and 12.10% worried about not having enough food.

Many people have been hit hard by the pandemic, especially low-income families, those suffering from domestic abuse, people who are homeless, asylum seekers and refugees. They continue to make difficult decisions between feeding themselves and their families or heating their homes.

 “One Roof Leicester is doing incredible work to help families who have been financially struggling in Leicester. Statistics showing 11.46% struggling to access food in the area is unacceptable,” Tufail Hussain, Director of Islamic Relief UK said.

“We are proud to be partnering with One Roof to bring much-needed relief to vulnerable families this winter.”

British Muslims usually lead similar efforts to help the homeless during winter.

In Aberdeen, Islamic Relief worked with Masjid Al-Hikmah to deliver 1000 food packs to the needy on January 31.

Last month, two local mosque in Birmingham helped vulnerable families by distributing 1000 food parcels to the needy.