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Meet First Asian Muslim Lord Mayor for Manchester

Councilor Yasmine Dar has been elected as the first female, Muslim, Asian Lord Mayor of Manchester, in a groundbreaking accomplishment that highlights diversity and progress.

Elected as a mayor, Dar took to twitter to send a thank you message after becoming the first Pakistani Muslim woman to achieve this remarkable title.

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“Today I have been selected for the role of Lord Mayor. To be the first Asian woman and Muslim lord of the city,” she wrote on Twitter.

“A milestone, but I was determined to make it. I will have with me Majid, who is my colleague, and my daughter Amina, who will be the Mayor, to help me.”

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Taking the new role, Dar has become the city’s 125th Lord Mayor. The Labour representative for Moston ward since 2014 was elected by fellow councilors on Wednesday, May 17.


Zara Mohammed, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, congratulated Dar on the milestone.

“Congratulations @Yasmine_Dar on her historic appointment as the first female Asian and Muslim woman as @lordmayorofmcr A great recognition of her dedication and passion to be of service to all communities 👏🏻 I am sure Yasmine will do a great job in this role @MuslimCouncil,” she wrote on Twitter.

Other Muslims made similar successes as councilor Akhtar Zaman was elected as the Deputy Leader of Bolton City Council. Councilor Raja Muhammad Ayub Khan was elected as the Mayor of Bolton.

Also, councilor Haji Muhammad Fiaz assumed the role of Mayor of Chorley District Council in Lancashire.

Moreover, Salisbury City Council elected Cllr Atiqul Hoque as the 762nd mayor of the city. He made history as the first British Bangladeshi Muslim to assume the position.