Manchester Muslim Cyclists Raise Funds for Palestine

The famous “2 Muslim Night Riders” have more than 5000 subscribers and their videos have been viewed 60,000 times

Two Muslim cyclists will be cycling across Manchester on Saturday, June 5, as part of their campaign to raise awareness and funds for Palestinians affected by the latest Israeli onslaught on Gaza.

Known as the “2 Muslim Night Riders”, Noor Alam, 36, and Ahtsham Arfan, 41, joined forces with Dabbagh Welfare Trust (DWT) to champion the Palestinian cause, Asian Image reported.

The duo hope their ride will raise awareness about the plight of the Palestinian people.

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“We decided to start exercising when the lockdown began – for weight loss and to get fit. We opted to go on night bike rides as we are busy with family and work during the day,” Ahtsham, who has worked as a teacher and is presently a civil servant said.

“Our city is very peaceful and beautiful at night and is actually very safe, but we ride through familiar areas and avoid alleyways and dark places just in case.”

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Their campaign will be broadcast on the DWT Facebook page and Youtube channel. 

“We are expecting donors from many countries including Canada, USA, Bangladesh and Denmark. DWT carry out great work and are trustable. They have people on the ground in Gaza ready to distribute aid,” Noor Alam said.

Arfan and Noor Alam, 36, have been friends for 15 years. After the coronavirus hit the world, the two friends opted for cycling tours in Manchester at night to avoid gaining weight.

Now, the ‘2 Muslim Night Riders’ videos on YouTube showing their adventures have become widely popular.