#LoveAMuslimDay Counters Hate Mails

LONDON – A day after the spread of hateful “Punish a Muslim Day” letters, a new hashtag #LoveAMuslimDay is now trending in the UK with an objective of countering hate with love.

“Instead of “Punish a Muslim Day”, we will have #LoveAMuslimDay ?because we believe in spreading love and not hatred,” Dobir Miah wrote on Twitter.

The new initiative was launched one day after the hate letters were sent to random UK homes asking the recipients to join a national day of violence against Muslims in April.

The letter asked people to carry out violent acts including verbal abuse, removing a woman’s hijab or head-scarf, physical assault and using acid as a weapon.

In a swift reaction, several Muslims have taken to Twitter to counter hate with love.

Some non-Muslims were already thinking of how to collect points on the love day.