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Inspired by Faith, Muslim Volunteers Clean Up Birmingham Parks

Three months of lockdown have wreaked havoc on streets and parks across the Midlands region in Birmingham.

As people prepare for reopening soon, dangerous drug waste pose a challenge to people safety.

Therefore, a group of Birmingham Muslim men have volunteered to clean parks and streets across the city saying they were motivated by their Islamic faith.

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Led by Ghulam Ali Akbar, the team of volunteers, called ‘Waste Warriors“, hope their work brings some positive change for a shared humanity.

The Waste Warriors team members have been safely disposing a long list of hazardous waste which they have collected from local parks and streets.

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“When we first started we only had two members in the group but in a matter of weeks the number had risen to ten, and more people are showing interest in joining as news of our activities are shared on social media,” Ali told I am Birmingham.

“Some of the volunteers are laid off work, while some members finish work and then come and join us to volunteer with projects.

“We initially lacked equipment and literally used our hands to pick up the trash which was very risky.

“Thankfully, we now have litter pickers which makes our cleanups safer and more hygienic for the team.”