Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit East London Mosque

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited both the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel Tuesday, September 15, meeting volunteers who have played an important role in supporting community during COVID-19 pandemic.

Prince William and Duchess Kate met members of the Muslim community who helped deliver warm meals, food and hygiene packs and medication to the most vulnerable.

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The mosque’s chairman, Muhammad Habibur Rahman, senior imam, Mohammed Mahmoud, and director, Dilowar Hussain Khan, welcomed royals to the mosque.

Vital support given by the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre included: providing emergency mortuary facilities; delivering meals, food and hygiene packs, and medication; and maintaining advice and counselling services.

The imam, who received an OBE from William last year for community services, said later: “I highlighted the issue of people increasingly needing support with their mental health – the Muslim community as well as the rest of the UK, who have been horrifically affected by the pandemic in terms of losing jobs and livelihoods,” Largs and Millport News reported.

He added that the visit by the royal couple had real importance for east London’s Muslims.

“It recognizes our existence first of all and contributions we’ve made and the sacrifices and the pains and struggles of people, especially from the BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) community,” he added.

The East London Mosque has a rich history, with roots in the London Mosque Fund established in 1910. It has gone on to become one of the most active Islamic institutions in Britain.

The mosque offers wide range of services. In addition to the daily prayers, it has: advice and counselling; education for children and adults; services related to birth, marriage and death; and many more.