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'One of the proudest moments of my life'

Sonny Bill Williams Overjoyed as Wife Dons Hijab

New Zealand Muslim superstar Sonny Bill Williams has shared his joy with fans for his wife’s decision to wear hijab.

“My wife’s a hijabi! Alhamdullilah my wife decided to put the head scarf on. One of the proudest moments of my life,” he wrote on Twitter, Daily Mail reported.

“What makes it so special is knowing she has done it for Allah SWT and no one else. May the most high always bless you with good health, contentment & happiness,” he added.

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Williams, a rugby star-turned-boxer, 37, converted to Islam 14 years ago while playing for Toulon in France after a period in his life where he was “wild”.

He met his wife, Alana Raffie, at a retail shop in 2013 and the pair married only four weeks later. Ever since, he has admitted that she makes him strive ‘to be the best husband I could be’.

Last year, he published his autobiography, “Sonny Bill Williams: You can’t stop the sun from shining.” In this book, Williams described how he turned to a life of partying in an effort to hide a shy insecure young man who suddenly shot to fame in the rugby world.

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