Pakistani Woman Feeds Hundreds Daily

LAHORE – Supporting the needy in her village, a Pakistani woman has been feeding hundreds of hungry people daily at home.

The woman, Rukhsana Izhar, inspired younger Pakistanis who started Rizq, a social entrepreneur project of young Pakistanis to feed the needy, Voice of America reported on Tuesday, July 25.

Rizq was started in April 2015 by a group of friends, one of them is Izhar’s son Huzaifa Ahmad.

The Rizq team says, “We’ve seen abundance of food at our homes and in our social circle and we are also aware of hundreds of people in Pakistan who cannot afford a meal every day.

This disheartening situation made us want to do something meaningful and we hope for Rizq to fill this gap.”

As step one, the Rizq team identifies an area within Lahore, usually slums and villages, and maps the community.

On average, Rizq serves 200 to 250 meals every day, and the team aims to bring this up to 2,000 meals per day.


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