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Indonesia’s ‘Floating Mosque’ Now Sinking Following Quake

PALU, Indonesia – Indonesia’s famous “floating mosque” in Palu has not escaped the destruction wrought by last week’s earthquake and tsunami and now appears to be sinking.

Although the Arkam Babu Rahman mosque is still standing, half of the building is now submerged in water, Global News reported.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the stilts on which the mosque sat have collapsed but, according to eyewitnesses, the bridge which connected the place of worship to the land is no longer visible.

Given the destruction elsewhere, some locals were surprised to find the mosque still standing at all.

Over a thousand people have been killed and many remain missing after a tsunami struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on September 28, triggered by a powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake.

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The crisis impacted at 18:03 local time (10:03 UTC), triggering dozens of aftershocks and at the same time, Indonesia’s meteorological and geophysics agency BMKG,  just after the initial quake, issued an underestimated tsunami warning of potential waves of 0.5 to three meters.

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