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Ex-Playboy Model Spreads Islam via Instagram

KUALA LUMPUR – A Malaysian ex-playboy model has become a social media influencer who is actively spreading Islamic virtues on Instagram since converting to Islam in 2014.

“Daily, like with every other month of the year, I have been using my Instagram page to spread messages about the beauty of Islam, in an effort to dakwah (preach) online,” Raisyyah Rania Yeap told on Monday, July 17.

“I am also using it as a platform to scout around to see what charitable activities I can join or contribute to,” she continued.

Born Felixia Yeap Chin Yee, Yeap used to pose in Playboy Philippines after taking the modeling career in 2014.

No stranger to Instagram, Yeap was dabbling in social media long before her embrace of Islam.

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“Social media to me is a tool, and it has been very effective in helping me spread messages about Islam to everyone. And it is definitely the most effective way to reach out to other underground reverts and non-Muslims too, especially those who are curious about the religion,” Yeap said.

“Social media requires no physical approach, and it’s therefore a very gentle way to spread the beauty of Islam. With it, we only require words and stories, via the sharing of our daily life activities,” she said.

According to Yeap, Instagram allows her to continue to place her hope in everyone around her.

“When it comes to technology, it does not matter if a person is a Muslim or non-Muslim. We should use it sparingly and moderately, as there is real life out there,” she said.

“Social media is a tool for us to connect, share information and educate each other with kindness. Don’t be dependent nor get addicted, and take the things that truly matter around you for granted.”