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Youth Volunteers to Distribute 32,000 Free Suhoor Meals

DUBAI – About 700 volunteers are planning to distribute free suhoor meals during the holy fasting month of Ramadan, filling the gap as many entities are already distributing iftar meals.

“The Youth Council chose to distribute suhoor meals because there are already many entities distributing iftar meals. Nobody is addressing this need [for suhoor] meals right now. Also, suhoor is a very important meal for the day,” Ahmad Abdul Karim Julfar, CDA Director-General, told the media on Tuesday, Gulf News reported.

“We made sure it’s a complete meal with the main course, sweets, fruits, laban [milk], water and dates. Sometimes there’s coconut water, ice cream, popcorn, karak chai [tea],” he added.

The second edition of this initiative is spearheaded by the Dubai Community Development Authority (CDA) Youth Council.

They aim to distribute 32,000 suhoor or pre-dawn meals to low-income workers across the whole month.

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Distribution will start after the Taraweeh prayers between 10 pm and midnight.

“Suhoor is very important because after finishing the evening prayers, the workers need to get their suhoor ready and they might not be able to afford it. Each meal may cost Dh10 and if you multiply it by 30 days, they can’t afford it,” Halima Mohammad, president of the CDA Youth Council, said.

She encouraged Dubai residents, especially the youth, to contribute by sharing their time and energy this Ramadan.

“Most of the youth after Taraweeh prayers either go to restaurants to chat or they go to malls for no reason, no target, just to hang out. But here we have a really valuable thing that we do,” Mohammad said.

“This is a good time to give without taking back. So I would encourage every youth who has the energy to volunteer with us to come and join us,” she added.

Ramadan is the holiest month in Islamic calendar. It is expected to start this year on Wednesday, May 16.

In Ramadan, adult Muslims, save the sick and those traveling, abstain from food, drink, smoking and sex between dawn and sunset.

Muslims dedicate their time during the holy month to become closer to Allah through prayer, self-restraint, and good deeds.