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Treating Trauma with the Duha Approach

Trauma is such a major thing that quite often people don’t realise they are experiencing it. People also don’t understand that trauma could be the underlying cause for their anxiety and depression.

If people are walking around feeling broken and depressed and it is caused by trauma, then they need to be helped. Trauma doesn’t just impact an individual but also the whole family. A lot of times trauma can also be the reason why people leave Islam.

We need to treat trauma from an Islamic perspective but also a way that is sound. That is why we should consider treating trauma with the Duha approach. Surah Duha was Allah’s way of healing Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when he, himself, was experiencing trauma.

If you are experiencing trauma we need to feel we are not abandoned so we can start our healing. If you feel depressed then know that there are people there to help you but most importantly Allah is there to help you.

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