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The Story of Angel Jibreel (PBUH)

Angel Jibreel is mentioned in the Qur’an and in several hadiths.

In this video, Sheikh Omar Suleiman traces the verses and hadiths that mention Jibreel, and presents a comprehensive account to all that relates to Allah’s angel.

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With this approach, we can now study the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, through the perspective of Angel Jibreel.

The main topics covered in this video include the following:

  • The Names of Jibreel
  • How does Jibreel Look?
  • Jibreel and the Prophets
  • Prophet Muhammad’s Companion
  • The Death of Prophet Muhammad
  • The Death of Jibreel

This video is a 42 minutes preview from Bayyinah TV of a three hour course on Jibreel, peace be upon him.

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