Ten Health & Fitness Tips from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

We all know eating healthy and staying fit are what we all need to stay well and strong. Here are ten health and fitness tips from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

  1. Eat in moderation – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stressed the importance of eating less to prevent sickness and diseases.
  2. Eat slowly – this will help with the digestion process. Slow eating helps digest food.
  3. Participate in sports to strengthen our body – sports are perceived as important to gain an healthy body.
  4. Sleep and salat – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never deprived himself of sleep or overslept. He also would sleep early so he could spent the last part in salat.
  5. Share foods – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told his followers about the benefits of sharing instead of over-indulging in the good things in life.
  6. Foster a strong community – the Prophet (PBUH) taught the significance of eating together to build a better connection with family and people.
  7. Fasting – this was a practice that the Prophet (PBUH) did many times during the year not just in Ramadan. There are many benefits of fasting.
  8. Dental Hygiene – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always brushed his teeth before and after bed.
  9. Drink water slowly – we shouldn’t drink water in a gulp like a camel. It is better to drink in small sips.
  10. Mental health – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught his followers to have a peaceful mind.

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