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Shaytan Tries to Create Insecurities about Allah

Shaytan tries to create insecurities about Allah. He said he will make us cut the ear of the cow and change Allah’s creation. How come this is significant?

What is being referred to here is good luck charms. We get superstitious and we start believing such things, like a cow’s ear or rabbit’s foot will help us. People start putting their beliefs in these silly things and they think that these things will affect the outcome in life.

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So what is the insecurity here? We start to believe that Allah is not really in control. Shaytan influences us to start wearing good luck charms, wear this and it will save you. We stop following what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us to do. We start to resort in these things that are harm because we doubt that Allah is in control.

This then leads on to changing the way we look. We start to dislike things and we feel it is OK to change things under the knife. We are then basically saying that we are not satisfied with the way Allah created me. This creates another insecurity about Allah.

Shaytan creates insecurities that are far larger than what meets the eye. These insecurities lead us to acts of shirk and acts of disbelief. This is the danger of these insecurities.

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