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Dirty and vulgar thoughts: Shirk or OCD?

Dirty and vulgar thoughts: Shirk or OCD?

.In this counseling answer: • I kindly suggest that you do go to a clinic or Counseling Center for an assessment. • You can get treatment. • Tell your parents so they can help you. As Salam Alaykum brother, Thank you for writing to us. I am sorry to hear about your issues with a …


Praying to and Honoring the Shaheed of Badr

Short Answer: There is nothing in Islam which suggests that living people can “summon” the souls of the dead. In fact, all the references which we have to souls coming to the world after having left it, are in the form of dreams. None of these accounts areSahih. Dreams can be of three types: true, …


Can I Become a Muslim and Still Practice Hinduism?

Short Answer:It seems, sister in humanity, that you wish tobecomeaMuslim, but are not yet ready to leaveHinduism. This is dichotomous, because the affirmation of the Islamic faith begins with a negation ofall otherdoctrines. The testimony that is pronounced when someone becomes aMuslim, begins with the Arabic word “Laa” (“No”). This means, that, to be aMuslim, …

How To Repent From Shirk

How To Repent From Shirk?

A questioner is worried that they have committed shirk. How to repent from shirk? Dr. Shabir Ally answers.

Reliance on Allah at Odds with Self-Confidence?

Reliance on Allah at Odds with Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence is borne from the Believer’s intimate knowledge and understanding that Allah is ever ready to assist those who strive and struggle in His way. Self-confidence comes from depending upon Allah and knowing that He is there to help you, protect you and shower His mercies upon you: {So he who gives [in charity] and …

God Become Man

Did God Become Man?

Short Answer:Muslims believe the following about God (Allah): Allah is Unique and nothing is like unto Him. Allah cannot have a son. Allah has no incarnates. Allah is completely different from His creatures. Allah does not belong to any kind or race. Allah cannot marry or have children. Allah is Eternal, Immortal, and Everlasting. Allah …

Calling Upon Saints

Calling Upon Saints: Is It Permissible?

I am told that since we are weak and sinners, we can seek the intercession of saints who have died. I have heard that because they are closer to Allah than we are, they will plead on our behalf before Allah. Is this practice sanctioned in Islam?

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