Q&A: How to Start Changing my Life?

How to start changing my life? Whether it is by becoming Muslim, or by becoming a better Muslim: we need a plan.

Moreover this plan needs sincerity in its foundation and actions.

By the way you can start remodeling your life at any time!

Listen to the advices of Dr. Shabir Ally about how to turn your life around.

As Muslims we have certain events and occasions that can help you if you want to transform your life.


As an example we could quote Hajj, Umrah and Ramadan.

Through this special events, once can really reach a deeper Iman (faith).


Now, there are 2 ways of doing it: the one shot or the step by step.

While some of us will find it easier to change 180 degrees at once, others might prefer to take steps.


Dr. Shabir Ally is explaining how taking steps can be more beneficial and how to do it.


First we have to ask Allah for His help with a sincere heart.

Secondly we have to think about a plan. Indeed wishes without a plan will remain simple wishes!

At that moment start implementing changes even little ones. By this way, you can remove the sinful things and as well introduce the beneficial ones.


That is to say that with a plan and sincere dua, we can all have life-changing experiences inshaAllah.

How Optimism will change your life:

How Optimism Will Change Your Life