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Q&A: Can I Refute Parts of the Quran Based on Modern Science or My Intellect?

Is it possible to refute parts of the Quran based on modern science or one’s intellect?

Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable with what you read and you think that your intelligence is spotting something awkward?

Do you feel it is difficult to be challenged by people around you when they oppose science and the Quran?

Then this lecture from Yasir Qadhi might give you some relief.

The main line of discussion is about the limitation of our intellect opposed to the infinite of the Quran.

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To rephrase it, intellect is changing, evolving, adapting. Indeed what we think is reasonable, wasn’t for our parents nor our grandparents.

Hence when we follow our intellect we have to admit that there are things we cannot comprehend, not because the things are not true but rather because our mind is limited.

Just like science can take us far but it cannot prove or disprove that the soul exists.

Then what is the use of the Quran?

Certainly if you choose to follow your culture, your common sense, your intellect over the Quran, then there is no need for it.

The Quran is unchanged since its revelation and it is the word of Allah. Furthermore your intellect is a gift from Allah.

So ask yourself this question, how can the words of Allah contradict His gift?

Indeed the Quran doesn’t contradict the intellect but it might astound the intellect with the knowledge it has.

There are miracles described in the Quran, and science cannot explain everything.

Therefore we Muslims believe in science and the miracles.

Is Modern Science Compatible with Islam?

Is Modern Science Compatible With Islam?