Pregnant from Zina, Yet Going to Jannah

If you want the reward of the akhirah be blind to what other people tell you and concentrate on yourself . If someone is dressed in a way you do not agree with, their beard is too short, their dress is too long – do not judge them. We can give nice advice, in a kind way, in secret and move on.

He tells us the story of an imam who slept after Isha prayer and saw the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in his dream.  The Prophet (pbuh) told him “tell your neighbour he is my neighbour in jannah”.  The imam was shocked that he has so much islamic knowledge yet his neighbour was going to jannah! So the imam kept this to himself but he kept having the same dream night after night.  So the Imam went to his neighbour to tell him this good news and asked him what deeds did he do to deserve to go to jannah? The neighbour replied “I got married to a girl from a well respected family, yet on our wedding night she told me she was pregnant from zina. I concealed her sin and begged Allah to forgive her.”  

May we get the same rewards for concealing others faults.

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