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New Muslims: How to Break the News to Your Parents?

New Muslims often find a difficult time letting their parents and family know their decision of converting to Islam.

In this video, Aliza Kim shares her experience of how she told her family and how her family reacted to her decision.

Finding Him by Aliza Kim is a vlog series revolving around the journey of Aliza’s reversion to Islam.

In a previous video, sister Aliza explained in details her journey to Islam and how she became Muslim.

As a new Muslim, she faced challenges adapting to her new lifestyle as well as making others comfortable with the new Aliza.

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She starts this talk by focusing on the importance of new Muslims making things easy for others to adapt to your decision.

“It’s going to take other people some time to get used to you as a Muslim, because it was not their choice to accept you like this.

“It was your choice!

So you want to give them time to adjust to you and to understand that you are the same person.

BUT hopefully you are a better version of yourself.

More kind, more humble…”

Sister Aliza then tells the story about how her parents reacted and how her family reacted.

When she told her father first, he was a bit upset.

She made it very gentle.

She made it in steps, and explained to him along the way what she was learning, who her teachers were…

She took care of his feelings.

“Your parents will still love you, but you have to love them too.”

Aliza made a good strategy for her father.

When she actually told him, she said “I need to update you about me and Islam.”

He said: “Stop Aliza. I have something to say…”

And he said the most beautiful things for the next twenty minutes…

So make sure you spend a lot of time with them.

Aliza then continues with more details on how she made the news of her conversion to Islam easy on her father and relatives.

If you are a new Muslim, don’t miss this excellent 7 minutes video with Aliza Kim.