Meet a Muslim Day in Purdue

Meet a Muslim day was organized yesterday by Muslim students from Purdue University.

Despite the cold weather, MSA students offered passer-byes hot tea and donuts as they invited them to meet a Muslim for an informal chat.

“We are tying to reach out to our community and say hey, we are part of the community, and we want to welcome you with food and drink, and just start a conversation.”

These were the words of Tuscany Bernier, a Muslim volunteer at the event.

The event seems to have produced positive reactions by non-Muslim students who stopped to talk and have some tea.

“We are all human. We are all brothers and sisters. It does not matter what faith you believe in,” said Luke Mlakar, a junior student at Purdue University.

“We all should be decent human beings to each other,” he added.

For further details on this event, watch the video and check this report produced by WLFI – News 18.